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Elizabeth Sensky_Photo Nicole

Photo: Nicole Olwagen

My name is Elizabeth Sensky, and I am an American writer based in Luxembourg.


In 2013, I created a personal blog as an outlet to share my creations and explorations with the world. Over the ensuing six years, I posted interviews, images, travel stories, personal essays, and poetry. However, as time passed, I found myself more interested in sharing poems than anything else.


That desire eventually blossomed into this online home. A pared-down space for the words that come out of me from somewhere deep within and all around.

It's a sentiment that I once heard the author Elizabeth Gilbert describe in an interview. She said that she believes ideas are in the air, and if we don't grab them as they pass us by, then someone else will.  Here you'll find the ideas I've managed to catch and pin down. They are personal, and as I hope you'll find, universal too. I'm honored that you're here to take a look.

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